“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Quiana Nicole took that advice after the encouragement from one of her best friends and decided to take her writing to another level.

Born and raised in Menlo Park, California, Quiana discovered her desire for writing in fourth grade where she started writing poetry and short stories. It wasn’t until much later that her passion for writing grew from a hobby into therapy. 


In 2014, Quiana wrote her first novel ‘Dirty Lil’ Secrets’ under Royalty Publishing House. Her best-selling series, ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal’ followed shortly after that. She has since penned several collaborations as well, you can find all of her titles on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


In 2017, Quiana started her own company and is now the CEO of Major Key Publishing, where she is focused on unlocking your imagination, one book at a time.

While she works on other projects, she would love to her from her readers and supporters.


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