When is it ever easier to tell a lie versus the truth?

After the murder of her husband, Grams quickly steps up in hierarchy as she takes over his drug empire. Her family means everything to her, therefore she does whatever is necessary to protect them even if that means she has to justify her lies. She’s convinced that she’s sparing them from heartache and how they’re better off not knowing the truth.

Being the woman that Mia idolizes, she has more than enough animosity inside of her heart to make sure that everyone who crosses her pay the ultimate price, but when it’s all said and done, will Mia be the one that eventually has to pay the most ultimate price? The moment Grams begins to rationalize her deceiving acts in order to protect her loved ones, all hell begins to break loose and some of those dirty lil' secrets are exposed.

As Mia uncovers some of the deadliest secrets her Grams spent most of her life trying to hide and protect Mia from, she discovers that some things were hidden for a reason and sometimes it’s best to keep them that way. While searching for answers and seeking justice, the dirtiest of all secrets threatens to crush the protective bubble her family has worked so hard to keep around her and snatch life as she knows it right from under her.

The truth always has a way of revealing itself…secrets never die.


Sneak Peek





I was starting to get too old for this shit. My “Bingo” nights were wearing me down, and I needed to start bringing my boys with me, especially Kenny. I was always the only one in direct contact with my connect, but hell I was ready to lay my fluffy ass on somebody’s beach somewhere. My boys were as ready as they were going to be at this point. Anything else left for them to learn they had to figure that shit out on their own.

My baby boy LaMarr needed more work though. He was the only one I was worried about. The way his mind worked, everything we worked so hard for would crumble. Maybe it was time for me to accept that he just wasn’t cut out for any of this this. I made a mental note to myself to talk to Kenny about my decision regarding LaMarr as I walked into the closed restaurant.

It wasn’t until I went down the hall leading toward the VIP area that I realized my connect wasn’t sitting at his usual table. As soon as I turned around, I felt a blow to my head… complete darkness followed.

When I came to, I had the worst fucking headache ever. I swore that the muthafucka responsible for this was going to burn for this shit. With my hands and ankles zip tied to a metal chair, I didn’t know how I was going to get out of this. Looking around in the poorly lit room, I didn’t recognize where I was, but I smelled blood and gunpowder.

I closed my eyes and held my breath to try to enhance my hearing senses a little. I heard voices, footsteps, and I could’ve sworn I heard what sounded like something heavy being dragged as well but I wasn’t sure.

The clicking of the lock and jiggling and twisting of the door knob were the last things I heard before I heard a man’s voice.

“Hi, Grams. Did you miss me?”

Who in the hell? Squinting my eyes in the dark, I couldn’t see his face. As he walked around the room he made sure he stayed in the shadows away from the light.

“Well, well, well… I’ve dreamed about this day for a while, and who would’ve thought that if you dream it, you could achieve it.” He let out a deep throated laugh as he laughed at his own corny ass joke.

 I bucked my body toward him, wishing my hands were free so I could punch him in the throat.

He jumped back quickly before he remembered I was tied up. That’s when he continued to talk reckless since he knew there wasn’t anything I could do to his ass.

“Oh, Grams, you should be nice to me. I can make this quick, or I could torture you all night until everything shuts down.”

This bitch nigga. “Fuck y—” I spat as I jerked the chair again trying to lunge toward him again.


My smart ass remarks were cut off by the butt of the gun as it connected to the front of my face. Blood drained from my nose, but I refused to cry as I stared coldly in his direction. He better pray to sweet baby Jesus that I don’t get out of this damn chair, because the only thing stopping me from hauling off and fucking up his world was the fact that I couldn’t get out of these zip ties.

“I should’ve known that you would eventually come after me, but I wasn’t prepared when you sent one of your boys after me though,” he said as he shoved a nine-millimeter against my temple. “But I got yo’ old ass now, and only one of us walking up out of here today.”

“Go ahead, you little bitch! Stop running yo’ muthafuckin’ mouth, and be about that shit.” I taunted him. I knew I was as good as dead anyway, so I didn’t have a damn thing to lose. I still didn’t recognize his voice, but the way he kept addressing me sounded personal.

As he came out of the shadows, he sneered as he looked down at me when he saw the bewilderment written all over my face as I recognized his face.