What happens when you willingly enter a relationship knowing that man belongs to someone else? Do you catch feelings and dream of your future with someone else’s man while you wait for him to leave his girl?

Meet Samara and August, two women that quickly forget their roles as the side chick because both of them are determined to become the main chick in Da’Wan’s life. The problem is…Ajai is Da’Wan’s leading lady, and despite the promises he’s made to both of them, Ajai is the only one that holds his heart and who he refers to as wifey.


Ajai strongly believes that Da’Wan is her soulmate and does whatever it takes to make her relationship work, regardless of all of the times he’s stepped out on her. Will Ajai ever realize that she can fight every chick that crosses Da’Wan’s path, but the end results will always be the same? Will she ever get tired of fighting for someone that continues to have her looking like a fool?

A chick on the side will only stay in her lane for so long. Even if those lines were defined, to begin with, it won’t be long before she starts wanting to be more than a secret. Will Samara and August get fed up and realize they deserve so much more than coming second and third to someone else? Or will they continue to happily play the side?

Sneak Peek


A year before…

“Bitch, out of the billions of niggas in this world, you wanna get yo’ ass beat over mine? Come see me!” I hollered through the phone as I stuffed my foot into my Nike Air Maxes. I didn’t know who the fuck this crazy ass broad was that kept calling my house, but she was about to learn how she fucked up today.

“You don’t want to see me hoe!” She laughed as she acted tough through the phone lines. I kept the phone to my ear to listen to her yap her gums while I frantically searched around my living room for my car keys. As each second passed that I didn’t have them in hand, I felt like the Incredible Hulk as my anger and irritation rose.

This bitch named Samara was about to meet her maker today, she got the wrong one and it was a damn shame how Da’Wan didn’t warn these bitches that they were putting their lives in danger fuckin’ with him. She was bold as hell for calling my house looking for him in the first place.

“I’m on my way! Where the fuck you at?” I yelled, ready to come through the phone as I listened to her continue to talk shit.

“If he ain’t there, then he must be in your truck so I know you ain’t coming all the way ova here,” she laughed at me again. As soon as I heard her friends in the background chime in with their own banter, that only pissed me off even more. “Girl, you can be mad at me all you want. Your dumb ass need to be checking Da’Wan. Since his cell cut off, he’s been calling me from this number, so I called him back. Hell, you’re usually at work by now so I was on my way over there.”

The little tidbits kept coming and added fuel to the inferno. Not only did she know too much about my business since technically I was supposed to be at work until I switched my schedule at the last minute, apparently she been up in my muthafuckin’ house too. I put his phone on standby temporarily because I was tired of paying for him to talk to these other hoes. The longer she ran her mouth, she made it clear to me that she knew enough about me and I didn’t have a clue as to who she was. I was beyond hurt over Da’Wan’s actions but I couldn’t hang up the phone, I needed to know more so I kept asking her questions that she was more than willing to answer.

I was beyond heated after insults were thrown back and forth, and at this point I was tired of talking. I hung up in her face after I told her ass that I was on my way even though I was sure she didn’t believe me. Let’s be clear, I wasn’t going over there to whoop her ass because she was fucking with Da’Wan because we were way past that, I was about to fuck her up because she was totally disrespectful and didn’t stay in her place.

You know you have to be out of your damn mind to walk to another bitch house to beat her ass over your dude, and I’m not talking around the corner or down the street either. I had to walk a few blocks, across a busy intersection and over the freeway overpass to get to the apartment building she said she lived in but I didn’t even care as I laced up my tennis and stomped my 5’4 ass all the way over there. My anger had the adrenaline pumping that kept me walking. I hated to even think about how many times Da’Wan had me going to some trick’s house behind his scandalous behavior and today damn sure wasn’t going to be the day that whoever he was fucking with wasn’t going to catch my fade.

There were three girls standing outside talking loud and two of them didn’t have any business being out in public looking a mess. The short dark skinned one was by far the worse, she was barefoot with some dirty looking SpongeBob pajama bottoms on and a tank top that had so many holes in it all you saw was her bra underneath. Her partial weave was tragic and it pissed me off the way her hair stuck up on her head. The tallest one had a lighter complexion and had the nerve to be outside with just a sleep shirt bra or nothing else except some knock off UGGs with her baldheaded ass. Looking at those two raggedy ass females, I prayed neither one of them was this tramp Samara. Da’Wan was about to get his ass killed for not only embarrassing the fuck out of me, but fucking around with true hoodrats.

My prayers were answered when I recognized the loud ass cackling that I heard over the phone coming from the other girl that was standing in between the other two as I crossed the street. Looking at her, she was decent and definitely the pretty one in the group. She looked out of place, like the mismatched item in the One of These Things game on Sesame Street. She had Poetic Justice braids going all the way down her back, caramel colored skin, a crop top made for women with small tits and some small ass booty shorts.

I wasn’t sure if it was the crazed look I had in my eyes or if she recognized me from all the damn pictures in my living room that she clearly had her ass in but when she finally looked towards my direction, she started throwing them hands as soon as I ran up on her. The pretty ones were always underestimated when it came to throwing down, I wasn’t expecting her to get with me on my level. That bitch was giving me back everything I gave her and was damn near stopping me from delivering right and left hooks.

I refused to let this girl and her friends clown me out in these streets, I was fighting like a mad woman. The light skinned tramp with the dangling titties was the first one to get knocked out, I got tired of coming in contact with them flapping things. I was scared her damn shirt was about to rip open and the way she was trying to climb all over my damn back like we were wrestling or some shit, I couldn’t deal with touching that nasty bitch like that. I flipped her ass over my shoulder as hard as I could and she landed on her back onto the cold ass concrete.

The way she laid still, I knew she was hurt, but I didn’t have time to dwell too much on it or even care because the other ratchet troll punched me in my left eye and I couldn’t see shit but I didn’t stop swinging. With one eye open, which just so happened to be my weak eye all I could only see were blurry images. After falling out of my grandmother’s tree when I was younger, one of the thick branches punctured my eye and I was left partially blind in my right eye. That wasn’t something you announced to the world considering that was my kryptonite and that information falling in the wrong hands was critical to my safety since I always had my ass out here fighting somebody for one reason or another, mainly Da’Wan’s ass.

Samara and her tag team partner were fucking me up, and even though I didn’t have my truck to retreat to, I refused to tap out or run away from these broads. The minute her friend that looked like a troll tripped over the uneven concrete, I took advantage of the small opportunity to go one on one with Samara. For the first time since we started fighting, I finally had the upper hand and I felt someone snatch me up and carry me away from the battle.

“The fuck ya’ll doing?”

I snapped my head around so fast; I got a headache. All I saw was red as soon as I heard Da’Wan’s voice and reached out to grab his ass as he tried to walk past me after he pulled me away.

“The fuck you doing nigga?” I mean mugged his ass, ready to pop off on him too.

“Ajai, get yo ass in the truck!”

Oh no the hell he didn’t!

“Fuck that! Who is this bitch and why she calling my muthafuckin house Da’Wan!” I yelled as I tried to charge past him trying to get back to her.

He managed to catch me and held on to my waist while he cussed at Samara over my shoulder. I watched her demeanor change slightly as she calmed her ass down to try to explain her actions since it was obvious that he was pissed. For the life of me I didn’t understand how this nigga had the nerve to be mad over some shit he caused, but I stood there with my hands on my hips and listened to the foolishness that spewed out of both of their mouths. I looked around at braids strewn all over the ground and noticed the extra people that came out of their apartments to be nosey as a few of them were standing over the girl I slammed as they tried to help her as she continued to lay there motionless.

These thirsty ass broads out here didn’t know how to stay in their place and respect relationships. For some it was a sport going after a man that was taken, but they were going to get tired of playing with me and mine. At the same time, I knew that I couldn’t blame her all by herself when his lying ass clearly didn’t put her in check in the first place since he was more than aware of what his relationship status was.

I was thirty-eight hot and mad as hell that I didn’t have something to knock his ass out with as he got me inside the truck. This had to have been the first time I actually wanted to put a bullet in his ass. I didn’t want to kill him but I definitely wanted to make his ass bleed and feel some kind of pain. Out of all of the times that I’ve dealt with something like this, knowing he had some chick in my house was on a different level of disrespect and had me feeling some kind of way. Watching him grip the steering wheel aggressively wasn’t doing anything but pissing me off further since whatever anger he was feeling was nowhere close to the anger and pain I felt.

I punched him in his shoulder as hard as I could, “Why don’t you just leave me the fuck alone?”

“Yo, stop that shit!”

As much as I couldn’t leave him alone, he refused to leave me alone. No matter how many times I’ve put him out and threatened to be done with him and his whorish ways for good, I couldn’t get him out of my system and kept letting him back in. He always told me that I was the woman meant to be his wife and how he was never going anywhere but now with me squinting at him as I felt the hot throbbing sensation in my fist, I wondered if he was the man I was meant to marry. That thought alone made me think back to how we got together in the first place.

Being the new chick on the block, Da’Wan sought me out immediately. He flirted non-stop and did everything he could to get my attention. I’m not talking about that cat calling, grabbing me or my phone to put his number in it or nothing like that. He volunteered to help the movers that I already hired to help move my stuff up the stairs as well as assisted with the new furniture that I needed to put together; he became my instant handyman. The way he inserted himself into my life was beyond impressive, but I still kept my distance for a while until I fell into temptation which was bound to happen eventually with the amount of time he spent around my complex. He was persistent to say the least and what got me was his attentive nature in making sure I was straight, long after every box was unpacked and all of my furniture was put together and in place. After my relationship with my son’s father fell apart, it was refreshing to have someone around that actually wanted to be. 

As soon as I started fucking with his ass, drama met me at my front door, literally. We didn’t make it a full year before some chick knocked on my door asking for him and he had the nerve to catch an attitude with me for answering my own damn door. I stood right there as he talked to her, although he tried to dismiss my presence. The way she stood there glaring at him, I knew she didn’t appreciate me standing there either but I wasn’t going nowhere since this was my spot. They talked about nothing important enough for her to come to my house as I stood there with my hands on my hips until she finally walked off. It took everything in me not to spazz. I don’t know what he eventually told her later when I wasn’t around, but that was the first and only time she came over. I later found out that this broad had dropped him off at my house a few times which was how she knew where I lived. He swore up and down that he wasn’t messing with her, but I knew better. That was the first sign that I needed to leave his ass alone.

Everything from the phone calls, text messages and confrontations was enough to drive a woman insane. Each and every time I found something new that broke my heart, he would tell me any and everything there was to say that left me wondering why was I questioning his love for me and my position in his life in the first place. After all of the crying, fussing and fighting I've done over the years, all it took were the same empty promises to be repeated to make me forget the pain from a broken heart, even if temporarily.

I sat in the passenger seat fuming, I didn’t understand why Da’Wan insisted on being in my face repeating the same sorry ass apology over and over. We’ve been down this road before, so you would think I would’ve been tired of being on this merry-go-round ride, but as true as that may have been, the love that I have for him is what makes me stay even though it was starting to get harder and harder.

“Baby, I’m sorry!”

I tuned him out since I’ve heard everything coming out of his mouth more than a few times before. His pleas always consisted of trusting him as he promised that it wasn’t him, it was always the other chick chasing him, or she was just a friend and nothing serious happened, these other chicks didn’t mean shit to him or how it was only my insecurities that were making me crazy. Insecurities or not, his selfish ass behavior was tearing us apart and it was getting to the point to where there was very little left to hold on to.

It seemed as if I only attracted dogs, one fucked up boyfriend after another. In the beginning, everything would start off cool then take a turn for the worst and I ended up heartbroken. All relationships had their ups and downs, that much I knew but damn it felt like mine stayed down after that first turn.

Cannon, my son’s father, was the first person to break my heart. Just like Da’Wan was a cheater, so was he but the small difference between the two was Cannon had a whole fuckin’ family on my ass. That asshole not only cheated, but he got the broad pregnant, then proposed to her after she had his baby. Of course I didn’t find out about any of this until after Cadence turned one since she showed up to his birthday party.

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